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Keski-Suomen Yhteisöjen Tuki (KYT) – NGO Support in Central Finland

Meaningful communities and purposeful participation for everyone

At KYT we believe that each and everyone of us should have the opportunity to be part of a meaningful community and have the opportunity to participate purposefully. Enabling participation and involvement is at the heart of what KYT is all about.

Our goal is to support and strengthen the NGO(* sector and civil society in Central Finland, and we further this goal in various ways. Our NGO Services team (KYT-järjestöpalvelut) offers free-of-charge guidance, counselling and training for associations and other non-profits in the region. We coordinate and manage projects related to, for instance, the prevention of social exclusion, furthering of employment and enhancing multiculturalism. We connect organizations, coordinate networks, and actively communicate and speak out on issues related to the NGO sector and the civil society.

We believe that people need places to meet and to connect, as well as opportunities to participate. This is why we run two community centers Kansalaistoiminnankeskus Matara and Sepänkeskus in Jyväskylä that offer a home for many nonprofits and their activities.

We also provide a free-of-charge communications and information platform,, for associations and other non-profits in Central Finland.

KYT Accounting, a non-profit cooperative and social enterprise, is part of the KYT community. KYT Accounting provides accounting and financial management services for associations and other organizations.

(* = non-governmental organization

Contact information

Our office is located in Jyväskylä, Finland. You can find our contact information on the Contact page (in Finnish).

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